The Bakery

Blue Moon Bakery began as Tasty Bites Bakery in spring of 2008.  We started in our small licensed domestic kitchen at home near downtown Hillsboro.  Back then we cranked out about 50 pounds of dough per week to sell at our space at Hillsboro Farmer's Market.  That's just over 2,200 bite-sized cookies every week!

In early 2010 Tasty Bites Bakery purchased Blue Moon Bakery and moved production into a kitchen shared with Blue Moon Coffee in Lake Oswego.  At the time, Blue Moon Bakery was delivering cookies to about a dozen local coffee shops, and Tasty Bites was exclusively at Hillsboro Farmer's Market.  A few months later we had out grown the shared kitchen, so we moved the operation back to Hillsboro into a 300 square foot commercial kitchen just south of downtown.  Tasty Bites Bakery officially adopted the name of Blue Moon Bakery, but kept the namesake for our mini-cookie product line.

In July of 2011 the bakery continued to grow and moved into a 1800 square foot facility just a block east of the old location. The bakery was then producing over 200 lbs of dough a week and delivered to over 20 locations including New Seasons Market and Coffee Rush in the Portland Metro area.

In 2012 Blue Moon Bakery (formerly Tasty Bites) started our 5th season at Hillsboro Farmer's Market.  Blue Moon is delivering to over 35 locations including Dutch Bros & Human Bean in Hillsboro and Chuck's Produce in Vancouver.